Monday, February 20, 2012


This post is going to be a little different then my usual. There isn't a song for what I'm about to say, I really wish there was.

Why oh why do politicions feel the need to mix religion and the running of a country? I like living in a country in which our supereme leader doesn't have "Shah" or "father" as a title to their name. Every day it becomes more and more clear that the apperent moral purity of a candidate is more important than their actual effectiveness as a leader. Don't get me wrong, religion is a benificial concept in most cases, but where that relationship breaks down is in the running of a free country. I abhor to use an extreme hypothetical argument, but imagine a country where we lived EXACTLY by one denomination or anothers' interpretation of the bible. No birth control. Check. An eye for an eye. Check. End of science as we know it. Check. These are not good things to deal with. I respect any religion's right to worship as they please, but I don't respect that right when it infringes on my freedom. We have a book of law that we follow, and it isn't called the Bible. Morality is a subjective concept and what "the leader" may think is morally objectionable, i may not. I enjoy my freedoms as much as the next american and I refuse to allow any person to subject their morals on me. If you want religion, go to church. If you want a free country, keep those people out of the system.

(P.S. Don't take this as an admonition against religion, only against religious rule.)

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