Monday, February 6, 2012

The weekend

It seems like I've been gone from this blog forever but it honestly hasn't been that long. I haven't been posting not because I haven't wanted to but because honestly... I didn't have enough collective brain cells to do it. Since last Thursday, the days have been somewhat of a collective, alcoholic, blur. Which brings me to dubstep. You're thinking well now that doesn't make sense... But it does. Think of dubstep, the pounding rhythems, unnatrual sounds, the sudden silence. That is what a weekend at Texas Tech should be. Hard, fast, and full of blanks (hopefully just from the incessent partying and alcohol). My bud Jacob calls dubstep the ultimate trend music; heard only at parties and clubs, and where that kind of lifestyle is the norm. This weekend has taught me that parties and dubstep are similar things, to be listened to/done only in moderation because, come monday, you still got the rest of college life to deal with. But damn was that a fun weekend hah.

P.S. Still got a hangover.

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